This is going to be tough.

Have never had this virus nor do i wish it on others. But what i really would love to see is all the selfish people out there getting into some serious trouble.

Why are there so many digressing against the laws about this global pandemic?

Is it because they don’t believe in it? think it’s a heap of bullshit? Or do they believe some idiots who think they know everything by posting up dis information about covid19?

People who live in Melbourne are getting lagged behind because of the selfishness imbeciles being selfish. The panic buying is a bit much too. What people need to do is learn to think about others instead of thinking about themselves.

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Welcome to this blog. You will see my opinions on a few things that are going on. You may not like them. But once you have read them you can return fire in the comments or you can accept them.

What won’t happen is anything defamatory being posted up. Nobody likes that sort of thing. It’s not a nice situation to be in when you have defamed somebody or a business.

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